Leonard Tan

Fine Art

Strong passionate on figure art, love watercolour and mix media. I have never afraid of rubbing and scratching on oil canvas with my fingers. Enjoy rough strokes of brushes, palette knite, charcoal and ink etc.



Digital Design

Photo editing, vector art, illustration, poster, leaflet, brochure, prints, logo coporate designs, newsletter, email campaign, website, banners, Ux & Ui surface design, sale merchandise stuff etc.




Illustration with variety media, original hand painting and digital painting. Exceptionally a 2D sculpture too.



Other Arts

Photography, calligraphy, sculture and installation art etc.



About Me

I am a professional artist based in London, also known as a graphic designer, illustrator, visualiser, calligrapher with multi skills in variety media and subjects. Works cover fine art and commercial digital field, from original free hand sketch and painting to digital arts, image editing, photography, prints, 3D sculture, story board, caricature, character design, large scale mural painting and seneric painting etc.

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Sketching at Malacca Riverside, Malaysia - 26th Feb 2018                               Follow me on instagram for more sketches: Leonard Tan's Instagram

Welcome to Leonard Tan's Portfolio

I hope you enjoy my very personal style portfolio and please do not hesitate to drop me a few lines of your wise comment and sharing.  And if you like my works and thinking about commission me to your special beloved one with very unique gift on ocation. Please contact me or PM me to discuss your idea. Thank you.

Call me on +44(0)7580 258 882, or email me: lennyart@gmail.com

I am based in London, UK, any freelance or commission are always welcome. 


Apart from the passionate on fine art, I currently work as a graphic designer with some experience of front-end web developing with html elements and CSS. I also give hands on visual art such as story board and landscape visualise image with free hand drawing, computer SketchUp and Adobe suites. If you found me handy, please drop me a line to tell me more about your creative ideas. :)

Thank you for your visiting!

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